Darker colors

posted on: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I feel like this weather is mocking me...
I mean I'm at a stage where I don't know what to expect anymore. Normally my snow-day alert would've been receiving an email saying they cancelled classes (lol)
But today I had no such luck.

On the bright side though, it was super sunny in the afternoon. Now try navigating your way through classes with the crazy sun above you and the slippery snow below you... I promised myself I wasn't going to fall.
#InternationalProblems yall.
Sunglasses - here Shirt - similar (here) Skirt - similar (here) Coat - similar (here) Purse - similar (here)
See you soon :-)

Big Ol' Cotton Candy

posted on: Thursday, February 13, 2014

No really when you're 6'1 it's hard to walk around with a colorful oversized coat and "blend in"
It's both the worst and the best thing about being so tall.

It's been so cold in Philly lately and when it gets this cold there's nothing better than an oversized coat.
Apart from the fact that it is very much in style right now, the cut allows for you to bundle up underneath.
I mean really throw in a whole lot of crap that's gonna keep you warm underneath it... YOLO?

I had to get an oversized coat in pink because I personally feel it looks so ladylike in the snow and it's a great change from all the grey and black coats you see floating around.
Coat - similar (here) Sweater - similar (here) Jeans - (here) Necklace - similar (here)
See you soon :-)

Contrasting Black

There's nothing I love more than wearing an all black outfit and having a contrasting color that throws the all black outfit off a lil bit.
This Zara skirt is perfect for contrasting your outfit because of its simple color-block pattern.
For accessories, a good statement jewelry is all you need to elevate the outfit and add some glamour to it.
Skirt - similar (here) Top - similar (here) Necklace - similar (here) Boots - similar (here)

See you soon :-)